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Domestic Violence And Assault

Domestic assault of a spouse or abuse of a child is a serious offence. Even minor charges can result in a reputation as a violent offender.

If you have been charged with an assault, make sure your defence lawyer understands how the prosecution will gather evidence to build its case. In such cases, there are often false accusations behind the charges, but the prosecution may act on the victim’s word.

“Domestic assault is taken very seriously by prosecutors in Guelph and southwestern Ontario. This is a major part of my criminal defence practice, and nobody has had more success than I have over the past four decades.” David G. Doney

Under guidance from the Crown Policy Manual, the Crown Attorney in Ontario is charged to prosecute domestic assault “with vigour.” Upon arrest, police in Ontario will often hold the accused and will not release them from custody without a bail hearing unless it can be demonstrated there are extraordinary circumstances. Having experienced defence representation is your best opportunity for protecting yourself from unwarranted charges.

David G. Doney, founder of Doney Law Office in Guelph, has 40 years of experience representing and successfully protecting the rights of individuals charged with domestic assault.

If you have had a complaint filed against you or have already been charged with an offence related to assault, call Doney Law Office in Guelph at 519-804-9829 or send an email requesting an opportunity to discuss your case with David Doney as soon as possible.