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Defending Against Charges Of Mischief In Guelph And Beyond

Mischief offences span a broad spectrum and can have serious implications. If you have been charged with a mischief offence, it is critical to retain the services of a skilled lawyer as soon as possible.

At Doney Law Office, we recognize how important it is to fight aggressively to protect your rights. When so much is at stake, you cannot afford to leave anything to chance.

Experienced Defence Against Mischief Charges

David G. Doney has been successfully representing clients against mischief offences for over four decades. He leverages his extensive experience and knowledge of criminal law to provide the people that he serves with professional, practical, and vigorous legal representation.

As defined by the Criminal Code of Canada, mischief has been committed when an individual wilfully:

  • Damages or destroys property
  • Renders property inoperative, ineffective, useless, or dangerous
  • Interrupts, obstructs, or interferes with the lawful use, operation, or enjoyment of property
  • Interrupts, obstructs, or interferes with any person in the lawful enjoyment, use, or operation of property.

Criminal mischief charges can also be applied to the destruction, alteration, or interference with computer data.

Putting Your Needs First

The team at Doney Law Office understands that the court process can be complicated and endeavours to make it as stress-free and straightforward as possible. From flexible appointment times to free consultations and payment plans, we provide professional and accessible services.

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