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Fraud And Financial Charges

Doney Law Office, in Guelph, is recognized as a leading criminal defence law firm for aggressively representing individuals charged with complex fraud and financial crimes. Backed by 40 years of insight into the strategies the prosecution uses when gathering evidence and building its case, criminal defence lawyer David G. Doney is able to determine the most effective defence strategy.

Starting with a thorough review into the circumstances of the charges, Mr. Doney systematically attacks the prosecution’s evidence:

  • Why did the police suspect you of the crime?
  • Was there criminal intent on your part?
  • Did the police protect your rights when gathering evidence?
  • What grounds did the police have to make an arrest?
  • Are there other reasonable suspects?

Unparalleled Record In Complex White Collar Criminal Defence

Mr. Doney has been protecting the rights and futures of people charged with white collar offences since starting his law practice in 1976. He has unparalleled success in cases related to:

  • Identity theft, credit card fraud, cheque forgery
  • Cheque kiting
  • Money laundering
  • Mortgage fraud
  • Personal loan fraud
  • Accounting fraud
  • Embezzlement
  • Internet, mail and wire fraud

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If you have been accused of fraud or another financial indictable offence by a business or bank in Guelph or elsewhere in southwestern Ontario, contact Doney Law Office at 519-804-9829 right away.