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Defending Against Criminal Harassment Charges

Facing a criminal harassment allegation can be frightening. Given the complexity of the law regarding these charges, having a skilled criminal harassment lawyer on your side is imperative.

David G. Doney has been practising criminal law since 1976. With extensive experience handling all manner of criminal harassment charges, he is committed to aggressively fighting to protect your rights.

Vigorous Defence Against Criminal Harassment Charges

The Criminal Code of Canada defines criminal harassment as occurring when an individual commits the following acts in a manner that causes a person to reasonably fear for their safety:

  • Repeatedly follows a person or anyone known to them from place to place
  • Repeatedly communicates with a person or anyone known to them
  • Watches the residence, workplace, or other location where a person or anyone known to them happens to be
  • Engages in threatening conduct that is directed at the person or members of their family

Other behaviours that may result in criminal harassment allegations include:

  • Uttering threats
  • Unwanted attention
  • Unwanted visits
  • Excessive communication via social media or text message
  • Causing property damage or theft

A Leading Name In Legal Support

Criminal harassment is a complex and arguable charge. At Doney Law Office, we take a comprehensive approach to defending harassment cases. If needed, we will call upon third- party experts such as mental health workers and psychologists to ensure that every aspect of the case is being considered.

At Doney Law Office, we endeavour to provide our clients with strong, practical legal support that you can rely on. We offer flexible appointment times and are readily accessible to answer your questions and address your concerns.

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