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Over 80 And Impaired Driving

Impaired driving, often referred to as driving under the influence (DUI), is one of most important areas of practice for Doney Law Office. Over the course of his 40 years of practice, David G. Doney has successfully represented thousands of drivers charged with drinking and driving offences.

Mr. Doney will thoroughly review the circumstances leading up to your charges, including:

  • Did the officer have reason to believe a crime was being committed or about to be committed? In Canada, police don’t need probable cause for a traffic stop, but a violation of your rights without reasonable suspicion may be a factor in your defence.
  • Did the police administer the sobriety tests properly? Many prosecution cases fail to meet the standards the court expects regarding collection, interpretation and custody of evidence.
  • Were your rights protected throughout the arrest process? Police and prosecutors have a standard process they must follow in order to ensure your rights are protected.

Unparalleled Record Of Successful Representation

Whether this is your first drinking and driving charge or you have been in court before, a lawyer’s representation is significantly useful in defending your charges. David Doney is recognized by prosecutors and peers for his insight and knowledge of the law. When he discusses your charges with the prosecutor or steps into court, his reputation for excellence is a benefit to your advantage.

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