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Careless And Dangerous Driving

Careless driving is one of the most serious traffic offences you can face under the Highway Traffic Act of Ontario. By law, police may charge a driver with careless driving if, in their estimation, the operator was acting without due care and attention and without reasonable regard to the safety of others on the highway.

To be convicted of careless driving, the prosecution must demonstrate that the driver’s actions behind the wheel were a reckless “breach of duty to the public and deserving of punishment.” A conviction for careless driving may result in a fine up to $2,000, a suspended licence up to two years and a possible jail sentence up to six months.

Dangerous driving is a charge under the Criminal Code arising from driving in a manner that is dangerous to the public and a conviction in Ontario may result in a criminal record and driver’s licence suspension up to one year. Dangerous driving may be charged if the police determine that the driver disregarded circumstances such as the weather, road conditions and traffic. In many cases, excessive speed is the primary cause of the charges.

These Charges Are Serious

Both careless driving and dangerous driving are considered serious charges in Ontario. It is important to fight aggressively to keep them off your criminal record. If you have been charged, talk to criminal defence lawyer David G. Doney in Guelph. Mr. Doney has been aggressively and effectively representing drivers facing serious driving offences for 40 years. He will review your circumstances and give you an honest appraisal of your legal situation.

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